Among the best employers

March 30, 2022 - Words by Jasna Simončič, Lucija Korbar

March 30, 2022
Words by Jasna Simončič, Lucija Korbar

We are pleased and proud to share that we are once again among the best Slovenian employers. For the 7th time, XLAB was a finalist in the Golden Thread (Zlata nit) competition, identifying organizations that invest in developing the potential of their employees and their well-being.


Best employers among medium-sized companies. (Photo: Bojan Velikonja, Dnevnik)


Slovenia is the first country in the world to systematically measure the quality of workplace relationships and demonstrate the link between employee satisfaction and business excellence. The Golden Thread competition, organized by the media company Dnevnik, identifies the best employers emphasizing and working on the quality of employer-employee relations in the categories of small, medium and large companies. “We are looking for companies where employees have the opportunity to realize their talents and contribute to business success,” explain the organizers.

By being ranked among the best Slovenian employers in the medium-sized companies category after receiving the prestigious Entrepreneurial Star 2021 award last year, XLAB proves that the most successful companies are indeed those that put the well-being of their employees first. Only when our colleagues feel their best can we achieve excellence and go above and beyond. Empowered and connected.


XLAB is our people

Our people are our foundation, so their contentment is our priority. We strive to build a relaxed, positive, and inspiring work atmosphere where they can grow and thus make a vital contribution to our shared success. We know that every piece counts and everyone is an important part of our story. And we know what matters most are engaged individuals. That’s why we have put a lot of energy into fostering open communication and improving internal processes. We have established a system that makes it easy for anyone to suggest improvements within the company. We cultivate an environment, where everyone can make a difference, where every voice is heard and every opinion matters.

The Golden Thread recognition is so important to us because a big part of it is the results of the questionnaire that our colleagues fill out. What we are really proud of is the thing that stood out the most - our Employee Net Promoter Score, which measures employee engagement, particularly their willingness to recommend their workplace to family or friends. Our score was well above average, confirming that our efforts to motivate and inspire our people are successful and that they feel so positive about being a part of XLAB that they recommend it to their colleagues. What more could we wish for? That’s an award on its own!

As much as we are happy and proud to stand among the best again, what matters the most is that thanks to the Golden Thread project, we have an additional tool to check the atmosphere in the company and identify opportunities for improvement, creating an even better environment for our people.


Thanks to Dnevnik for excellent organization and execution of the project and congrats to Lunos, Špica International and Gen-I, the winners of each category, and to the other finalists for continuously improving the quality of employer–employee relations and setting an example for other companies.