FINESCE - Future Internet Smart Utility Services

June 19, 2014 - Words by XLAB

June 19, 2014
Words by XLAB

As of May, XLAB participates in the FINESCE project (Future Internet Smart Utility Services – The Smart Energy technologies that are to be used at the trial sites, were presented to more than 20 partners during the meeting in Aachen, 10-11th  June 2014. 

FINESCE, the smart energy use case project, is part of Future Internet Public Private Partnership (FI-PPP) program, funded by the European Union within FP7. Its challenge is to integrate decentralized renewable energy sources and electric mobility into the electricity system.





Real pilots, real people - a holistic view on the distributed renewable energy generation and consumption

XLAB’s technology will complement the FINESCE trial sites with dynamic visualizations of renewable energy generation, energy consumption and analysis capabilities for energy availability (based on weather forecast data). By using XLAB’s NASA awardee – GAEA+ tool ( data layers will be shown of e.g. dispersed smaller energy generating systems etc. The developed tools will be integrated with the FINESCE trial sites; the Aachen Smart Plant, Horsens Smart Village and Malmö Smart Buildings.


FINESCE Field Trials on Smart Energy



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