ISL Online extends remote screen sharing to all Android 5.x devices

January 25, 2016 - Words by XLAB

January 25, 2016
Words by XLAB

New ISL Light 3.0 for Android allows more efficient remote support of Android phones and tablets

ISL Online, a pioneer enterprise provider of remote desktop software, released an updated ISL Light 3.0 for Android, extending the possibility of remote screen sharing to all Android 5.x devices. The previous version of ISL Light app, available for free on the Google Play, already allowed full remote control of Samsung and other rooted Android devices as well as support through real-time screenshots on all other Android devices. Now, technicians can connect to any Android 5.x device and see its remote screen, making it easier to troubleshoot technical issues of their clients.

Remote support of an Android device through real-time screen sharing with ISL Light 3.0 for Android

Remote support of an Android device through real-time screen sharing with ISL Light 3.0 for Android

ISL Light 3.0 for Android is available on the Google Play store. The clients who need support on their Android devices can download the application for free in order to connect with a technician they trust and enable him/her to see the remote screen of their mobile device. The technician can watch the remote user navigate through settings and apps in real-time and lead the client towards the problem resolution by using the pointer annotation and the chat feature. A short video shows how to share screen of a remote Android device. The end user can be on any Android 5.x device over a Wi-Fi or cellular connection, while the technician provides support from a Windows, Mac or Linux system, or even an iOS or Android device. When connecting to a Samsung device, troubleshooting is even simpler as the technician can take full remote control of the remote tablet or phone.

While desktops are still the primary working tool in business, we cannot deny mobile is a big player. Outstanding support experiences require companies to be where their customers are, so we are putting a lot of our focus on developing applications that make efficient remote support for mobile devices possible,” said Jure Pompe, CEO, ISL Online. »While ISL Online already allows full remote control of Samsung Android devices, we wanted to give our users the possibility of fixing their customers’ issues easily also on all other Android 5.x devices.

ISL Light 3.0 for Android offers an improved screen sharing for Samsung and all rooted devices and allows the technician to see the system information and a log file of a remote Android device. The supporter also has the possibility of recording the Android sessions and playing them back with ISL Player. A detailed list of all the new features and improvements is available in the release notes.

The latest app continues to provide excellent remote access and support from Android mobile devices for remote computers or other mobile devices. It grants users to easily connect to any remote computer (Win, Mac, Linux) and control it from their Android phone or tablet. A user can either offer remote support to a client having technical problems with a computer, or remotely access an unlimited number of unattended computers to monitor them, install updates, perform a periodical check-up and other maintenance tasks.

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ISL Online is one of the pioneers of the remote desktop control industry. Since 2003, ISL Online has been providing cloud-based (SaaS) and on-premises (Server License, Private Cloud) remote support, remote access, live chat and web conferencing solutions to over 200,000 businesses across 100 countries, with the strongest market being Japan. ISL Online allows users to access and control any Windows, Mac or Linux computer in seconds from any computer or mobile device or to provide ad hoc technical support to mobile device users. ISL Online is developed by XLAB, a software development company headquartered in Europe, with offices in Slovenia, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. Visit ISL Online at

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