XLAB is among the best employers for the eight time

April 5, 2023 - Words by Lucija Korbar

April 5, 2023
Words by Lucija Korbar

We are happy and proud to be once again among the finalists of the Golden Thread (Zlata nit) competition organized by the Dnevnik media company. The Golden Thread is the first competition in the world that systematically measures the quality of relations between employers and employees and annually identifies companies that prioritize the well-being of their employees, demonstrating the undeniable link between employee satisfaction and business success.

“Committed teamwork, common growth and the development of advanced technologies have made us one of the best employers among medium-sized companies in Slovenia for the 8th time,” explains our CEO Gregor Berginc.

We know that it is our people who make us successful, so we are committed to fostering a relaxed, positive and inspiring atmosphere in which our colleagues can grow and thrive. To stand among the best is confirmation that we are going in the right direction and what means the most to us is seeing our colleagues feel good about being part of XLAB.

Creating the best possible environment for our colleagues

We encourage open, transparent communication to find the best solutions together. “Our colleagues are involved in decision-making and included in making plans for the future, which ignites their motivation. Instead of delegating, we build a culture of empowerment that enables our colleagues to grow, and most importantly shows them that we believe in them – even when they are unsure of their abilities,” says Berginc.

XLAB is a place where we forge close friendships, achieve high goals through shared interests, and where teamwork is our signature spice that makes us special, allows us to share ideas, find new solutions, and fosters innovation and creativity. We know that together we can do anything.

With each passing year, we pay more attention to the workplace climate and the satisfaction of our colleagues. But we are also strong advocates of the work hard, play hard philosophy. “Having fun is an important element of a pleasant working environment, and by organizing various thematic teambuildings we bring our colleagues closer together.” Part of our tradition are xChallenges, the annual xPicnic and New Years party, and xSailing for the more adventurous. The combination of hard work and fun activities makes our xFamily stronger and happier.

For us, the Golden Thread is not just a competition, but an excellent indicator of the company atmosphere, which gives us the opportunity to become even better in the future.

Thanks to Dnevnik for excellent organization and execution of the project and congrats to Adria Dom, Dewesoft and Biosistemika, the winners of each category, and to other finalists for setting a good example for others.