XLAB at European Space Expo, Ljubljana 6th to 15th March 2015

February 26, 2015 - Words by XLAB

February 26, 2015
Words by XLAB

Satellite navigation and space-based technologies benefit our everyday lives. Uninfluenced by events on earth, such as natural disasters, satellite communications are key for supporting rescue and relief support and by offering stable quality of service they are the key enabler in the field of maritime safety.


The wide range of innovative technologies and services that space offers to European citizens will be highlighted at the European Space Expo, which continues its tour of major European cities. Their next stop is Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 6th to 15th March 2015.

XLAB’s presentation on satellite-enabled technologies will include the following:

Sentinel | A combined hardware-software solution for boat monitoring. Equipped with a highly accurate positioning system (GPS, GLONASS & QZSS) Sentinel determines precise location of boats in real time and provides the crew with additional layer of safety. Combined with an onboard device and sensors, data on crucial boat parameters (battery, bilge, temperature etc.) is provided.

Smart Locator | A standalone web application designed to determine precise location of emergency number callers. Has been installed in emergency call centers in several European countries. Received the 112 EENA Award 2014.

Gaea+ | The modular, interoperable GIS solutions serve a multitude of purposes; from three-dimensional visualization of spatial data, simulations to use in meteorology (forecasting). The latest upgrades and new functionalities allowing for faster display of large amounts of data were rewarded at the NASA World Wind Europa Challenge, Gaea+ winning 1st place.

More information on European Space Expo available at: http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/policies/space/expo/index_en.htm

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