XLAB is the Entrepreneurial star of the year!

November 18, 2021 - Words by Jasna Simončič

November 18, 2021
Words by Jasna Simončič

XLAB has won the prestigious Delo Entrepreneurial Star Award. Expert commission recognized it as the best among the most successful Slovenian companies in 2021.


Gregor Berginc, XLAB CEO and Jure Pompe, XLAB co-founder & MD, with the Delo Entrepreneurial Star 2021 Award. (Photo: Voranc Vogel, Delo)

Gregor Berginc, XLAB CEO and Jure Pompe, XLAB co-founder & MD, with the Delo Entrepreneurial Star 2021 Award. (Photo: Voranc Vogel, Delo)

  XLAB is the winner of the Delo Entrepreneurial Star 2021 title, awarded by one of the leading news media companies in Slovenia, Delo. ‘‘We selected companies that run faster than their competitors, are innovative, export- and development-oriented, sustainable, socially responsible, and put a lot of attention into building their brands,’’ said Delo editor-in-chief Bojan Budja, explaining the criteria for selecting the nominated companies.


Addressing challenges of the future

Among the 10 most successful companies, XLAB impressed the expert commission the most. We have been successfully competing in the global market for 20 years, and in times of increasing digitalization needs the global pandemics brought, we helped solve the challenges of the world’s largest companies. With our XLAB Steampunk solutions for management and automation of hybrid infrastructures, we helped global IT companies continuously deliver services to their customers even in times of greatest digitalization demands. With ISL Online remote desktop software, we have helped numerous companies, universities, institutions, and other organizations around the world to enable their employees to work from home. All of this has resulted in XLAB receiving the distinguished Entrepreneurial Star of the year title.

“The company is very well positioned in the IT sector. It is unrivaled in the field of remote desktop solutions in Slovenia and is also at the top of the field worldwide. XLAB has one of the largest private computer science research departments in Slovenia. It enables its employees to continuously develop their skills through training and certifications. They care about community development by supporting projects that enable young people to develop digital skills that are essential for the professions of the future, where they will create green and sustainable solutions. Their competitive advantage lies in the development of sustainable technologies, as their remote desktop solution allows a significant reduction in business travel, reducing the negative impact on the environment,” explained the expert commission, who sees XLAB as a company of the future for these reasons.


Betting on partnerships

XLAB’s solutions are used by several thousand companies and other organizations in more than 100 countries, we work with many international corporations and some of the biggest IT companies in the world. So, what lies behind our success? “The global market is relentless. Success requires constant innovation, improvement, perseverance, and excellence,” says Jure Pompe, XLAB Co-founder & MD.

What sets us apart in this highly competitive global market is the way we do things. “Our partnership approach is our added value. Digitization is a journey that does not end with the implementation of solutions. It actually starts there. We guarantee our clients full support throughout their path. At XLAB, we bet on long-term and in-depth partnerships that give our clients stability and the assurance that we will always be by their side on their transformation journey, whether it’s implementing efficient remote work or automation,” adds Gregor Berginc, XLAB CEO.


Empowering our people

And every successful company knows that its most valuable asset is its people. “XLAB is a global high-tech company, but above all, XLAB are the people who create in it. Over the years, we have built a relaxed and positive company culture that allows our co-workers to grow professionally and personally, and where they feel their best in. Empowering people to develop their potential, teamwork, open communication, and passion for work guarantee success," says Pompe.

“I would also like to highlight the balance between freedom and responsibility. Our co-workers have the freedom to explore and discover new technologies and turn them into real, useful products, but they must do so in a responsible way,” adds Berginc.

  The award is even more meaningful knowing the competition was fierce. We were up against nine successful companies, each at the top of their game in their respective fields: Adria Dom, Avantpack, Epilog, Equa, Impedanca, Ledinek Engineering, Roletarstvo Medle, Varis, and Virs. We wish to extend our congratulations to them all. The more stars, the brighter the sky! 😊

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