#XLAB20years: Fun colleagues. Interesting projects. Hazelnut pudding in the fridge.

May 20, 2021 - Words by Jasna Simončič

May 20, 2021
Words by Jasna Simončič

As XLAB celebrates its 20th anniversary, which would not be possible without the contribution of each and every colleague, we asked them to share their memories and experiences of working at XLAB. See some of their responses.


The best work memories:

  ⭐️ Every day at XLAB has been a good memory for me. I know that there is always someone there to support you.

⭐️ What still surprises me is the incredible positivism that prevails at XLAB, I haven’t seen that anywhere else before.

⭐️ The time I opened the goodie drawer in the kitchen and there was a whole stack of white Kinder Buenos in there!

⭐️ I can’t single out any one event. Little things that happen every day: a smile (or a smile emoji these days), an “I understand” or “No problem” response, all the little things that make my work stress-free and enjoyable. That’s my best work memory.

⭐️ Once upon a time… one of the coworkers brought his folding beach chair with stripes to the office. He used that chair all the time to work at his desk. 😀

⭐️ When my co-workers and I made up our own hymn while we worked and sang it, each with our own chorus. The melody was borrowed from the song Volare.

⭐️ The lunch break is always full of laughter and interesting topics.

⭐️ Solving multiple problems after a long debugging session.

⭐️ A colleague called a Croatian client in the morning and apologized for being so early. At least he tried. The problem is that the Slovenian and Croatian languages are quite similar, but some words have a completely different meaning. He used the Slovenian word for early (‘‘zgoden’’), which sounds almost identical to the Croatian word ‘‘zgodan’’, which means handsome. He basically said: Sorry I’m so good looking. 😀 That was legendary!

In two decades, many unforgettable memories have been made :).

In two decades, many unforgettable memories have been made :).


Best part about working at XLAB:

  ⭐️ Fun colleagues. Interesting projects. Hazelnut pudding in the fridge.

⭐️ My colleagues, my work corner, the variety of work, the positive energy of the team.

⭐️ The vast amount of potential that drives our ideas, which we then bring to life! Get IT done.

⭐️ Kind and understanding colleagues and leaders. This makes the world of difference!

⭐️ Great working conditions.

⭐️ I adore xSailings!

⭐️ Great teamwork, trust placed in the employees by management.

⭐️ Flexibility, great colleagues, positive attitude, nice offices, financial bonuses, xSailing, xParties.

⭐️ Co-workers, new knowledge, freedom, opportunities.

⭐️ Good atmosphere in the office and the autonomy of work.

⭐️ The team spirit.

⭐️ It’s a place where I can fulfill my professional goals and do my work with heart and joy.

⭐️ Relaxed environment, barbecues with colleagues by the pond during lunch break, lunches in general are always fun and relaxing, flexible working hours, the possibility to combine work from home and in the office, understanding boss, being able to come to work by bike.

Barbecuing at the pond is a long-standing XLAB tradition.

Barbecuing at the pond is a long-standing XLAB tradition.


Birthday wishes for XLAB:

  ⭐️ To always keep people and relationships at the heart of it all, a core value. And to keep on rocking!

⭐️ Be positive, brave and keep improving IT.

⭐️ Keep up the good work! You make us proud!

⭐️ Many more years and Euros! 😉

⭐️ To live long and prosper!

⭐️ Another 20 years that will be at least as good as the past ones (with ups and downs and everything in between).

⭐️ Long live XLAB! Keep evolving, expanding, getting recognised worldwide, and stay employee friendly!

⭐️ To have another 20 years that are 20 times greater, better, smarter, faster, more fun, more successful… If that’s even possible.

⭐️ Keep moving in the right direction, we can build great things together!

Long live XLAB!

Long live XLAB!

2021 was a special year for us. XLAB celebrated its 20th anniversary. A lot has changed since 2001. Take a trip down memory lane with us here.