xPicnic: XLAB goes on a Treasure Hunt

July 24, 2023 - Words by Lucija Korbar

July 24, 2023
Words by Lucija Korbar

June is the time for our traditional xPicnic! Despite the day started with cloudy weather, even the sun couldn’t resist our positive energy for long. 😉 The combination of excellent cuisine, fun activities and the best company meant only one thing - we had an excellent day ahead of us!

To sit all day is simply not an option for us, so there were numerous activities to suit everyone’s taste - from classic big-sized board games such as chess, special football, and big darts to more adrenaline-pumping zip-lining. But the highlight of the day was undoubtedly the Treasure hunt with a touch of history, as we explored the grounds of a former gunpowder factory. Teams took on a series of creative and athletic challenges and while the top three teams won medals, the real reward was the fun we had and the stronger bonds we made with each other. Once again, we let our core value, teamwork, do it’s magic. 😊

After the hunt, history enthusiasts went on to explore the remnants of the former factory, while the rest of us relaxed on sunbeds, soaking up the sun. Engaging in lively conversations that continued late in the evening, we successfully concluded another one in the series of our traditional events.

A special thanks to our amazing in-house photographers for capturing this already unforgettable day on camera. Check out some of the highlights in the gallery.