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October 17, 2014 - Words by XLAB

October 17, 2014
Words by XLAB


As the nautical season draws to an end, the boat owners are commonly faced with problems during the quiet period in the marina – discharged batteries, water leak or even unwanted intruders. The loss and damage that could easily be minimized or even entirely avoided with the aid of a vessel control module – Sentinel.

This simple yet sophisticated marine solution, released in August, was designed with one goal in mind – to provide more security to boat owners. 
Comprised of a network of sensors and central information hub (communicating via the cloud) it ensures that the vessel is monitored at all times – even when not onboard. When an issue is detected (sudden temperature rise, intrusion, bilge alarms, anchoring) the boat owner immediately receives a specific alert via the mobile (iOS, Android) or web application. From water detection to preventing batteries losing charge, Sentinel has you covered 24/7 – wherever you may be.

Sentinel is presenting at the International Exhibition of Nautical Equipment on Croatian Coastline Pula Boat Fair, 15th- 17th October 2014. Welcome to the Sentinel booth!





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