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Take the next step in your career – and help save lives at the same time! Become a part of the team, developing NASA awarded visualization solution, essential for public safety operations and spatial planning. Gaea+ helps assess risk and accelerate emergency response, prepare for and prevent disasters, and optimize the interventions. And with your help, we can make it even better!

Join our dynamic international team as Java Developer and expand your skills in developing desktop applications and backend support systems in a positive environment.

SKILLS we’re looking for

  • JAVA SE proficiency,
  • understanding the approaches and techniques of event-driven programming,
  • familiarity with delimitation of responsibilities, hierarchical dependencies, and connectivity of data structures within object-oriented programming,
  • knowledge of paradigms and regular approaches of multithreaded execution,
  • basic knowledge of JAVA backend systems (Jersey framework), microservices and REST communication,
  • knowledge of the Linux operating system and working in the Command shell.

BONUS SKILLS (can be useful, but don’t worry if you don’t have them)

  • Basic understanding and use of SQL/NoSQL databases (Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL),
  • collaboration in open source projects (Git, GitHub),
  • experience with real-time information exchange and display,
  • understanding working principles of computer graphics and graphics rendering engines (OpenGL),
  • familiarity with automation and virtualization tools (Angular, Docker, Vagrant, Jenkins).

WHAT we offer

  • Dynamic work in a relaxed atmosphere,
  • flexible working hours and remote work,
  • active collaboration in a team of experienced experts,
  • developing cutting edge technologies,
  • working with open-source communities,
  • career development: internal and external educations,
  • unlimited sources of snacks and coffee,
  • fun XLAB events.

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Java Developer

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