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About XLAB

XLAB is a global IT solutions company focused on remote desktop technology, automation and management of hybrid infrastructure, and AI, building on breakthroughs of its own research team. Since 2001, and in a team of 100+, XLAB has become recognized as a highly professional technology innovator.

XLAB products satisfy complex needs of millions of professionals and leading enterprises across diverse range of industries. ISL Online allows users to instantly access and control any computer or mobile device to provide ad hoc technical support or to manage systems remotely. Steampunk Spotter, an Ansible Playbook scanning tool, developed by XLAB Steampunk specialists, analyzes and enhances playbooks to help users on their journey to secure and reliable automation. Gaea+ is a customizable 3D visualization solution, awarded by NASA. MedicView 3D dental and radiology imaging solutions are used by medical specialists worldwide.

XLAB has one of the largest private computer science research teams in Slovenia and has participated in 80+ projects. Working hand in hand with renowned research institutes and universities around the world, XLAB actively creates technology of tomorrow and transfers acquired knowledge into refinement of its own products and solutions to ensure that they meet the diverse needs of its partners.

XLAB is a global IT solutions company, building on it’s own research breakthroughs since 2001, recognized as a highly professional technology innovator.

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Learn more about our company and our values.

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