XLAB Research actively participates in EU research programmes with expertise in' .
            ' Management & Automation, Security & Privacy, IoT and Data analytics.

XLAB Research

Shaping technologies of tomorrow

Established for the purpose of basic and applied research and software development in 2003, XLAB Research has become renowned for excellent execution of complex research projects. Working hand in hand with many research institutions, universities and research departments around the world, it actively creates technology of tomorrow. Transferring the acquired knowledge into enhancement of our products and solutions generates an infinite sphere of expanding expertise.

XLAB has one of the largest Slovenian private computer research groups.

Among largest Slovenian private computer science research groups

XLAB has contributed to 80+ research projects: 50 European and 30+ national research projects.

80+ research projects:
participation in 50+ European and 30+ national projects

XLAB was the first Slovenian coordinator of a Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme project.

The first Slovenian coordinator of a Horizon 2020 project

XLAB is at the 34th place among all H2020 participants in terms of signed grants.

Top 50 EU Research: 34th place among all SMEs participating in H2020 in terms of signed grants

XLAB is the 1st SME in Slovenia in terms of H2020 funded research projects.

1st SME in Slovenia in terms of H2020 funded research projects

XLAB has been among three finalists for Innovation Radar Prize for Best Early Stage innovation in 2018.

Innovation Radar Prize: Best Early Stage innovation finalists (2018)

“It is always a pleasure to work with the XLAB team because they are not only reliable and trustworthy, but also show team spirit and contribute generously to solve issues the project is facing. That’s why Atos keeps on collaborating with XLAB in EU projects, because they are the kind of partners you want to have on board.”

Elsa Prieto, (Project and Proposals Manager) ARI, Atos, Spain

“XLAB is a trustworthy partner. This is a hard-working and diligent team that excels in research and innovation and, most importantly, their human side makes it a pleasure teaming up with them.”

Dr. José M. del Álamo, (associate professor at) Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

“I had the pleasure of working with XLAB on several occasions and highly value their professionalism, motivation, dedication and efficiency.”

Dr. Daniel Slamanig, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

“XLAB demonstrated to be a proactive and reliable partner in all the research projects we collaborated on. They always provided researchers with the skills and competencies needed. They are able to support the projects from the proposal phase, offering in-depth technical and scientific suggestions, until the final review steps. During the project they are always committed and focused on acting for the best of the project.”

Massimiliano Rak, (associate professor at) University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli

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Horizon 2020

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