AI Driven industrial Equipment product life cycle boosting Agility, Sustainability and resilience


Horizon Europe


01.10.2022 - 30.09.2025


Dejan Štepec
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101057294.

With around 3.2 million employees, the European machinery industry is a foundation for employment, growth and prosperity. Industrial equipment is considered an important prerequisite for industrial development, and the EU has always held a strategic position in this sector. Therefore, it is crucial to make AI technologies available to all EU players to ensure robust development, deployment and reuse of industrial equipment, increase global competitiveness and strengthen the industry’s strategic autonomy and resilience.

AIDEAS develops AI technologies to support the entire lifecycle (design, manufacturing, use and repair/reuse/recycle) of industrial equipment as a strategic instrument to improve the sustainability, agility and resilience of the machinery manufacturing companies.

The project deploys four integrated Suites:

1. Design: AI technologies integrated with CAD/CAM/CAE systems to optimize the design of structural components, mechanisms, and control components of industrial equipment;

2. Manufacturing: AI technologies for industrial equipment component selection and procurement, manufacturing process optimization, operations sequencing, quality control, and customization;

3. Use: AI technologies with added value for industrial equipment users, providing enhanced support for installation and initial calibration, production, quality assurance and predictive maintenance to operate under optimal conditions;

4. Repair-Reuse-Recycle: AI technologies to extend the useful life of machines through prescriptive maintenance (repair), enable a second life for machines through intelligent retrofits (reuse), and identify the most sustainable end-of-life (recycle).

XLAB’s role

XLAB is responsible for coordinating the development of AI-enabled features for quality monitoring of manufactured products. XLAB also leads the productization of AI-assisted optimization modules developed for industrial equipment design, supporting their integration with standard CAD/CAM/CAE systems.