Competence Development Center

Factories of the Future 2017-2019




1.3.2017 - 31.12.2018


Daniel Vladušič


24.048,00 EUR


The purpose of the project Competence Development Center – Factories of the Future 2017-2019 is (I) to improve employee competences, remain competitive, ultimately leading to increased productivity and revenue, (II) promote the importance of connecting, networking and transfer of best practices among companies, (III) lifelong learning and training in the digital era.


Smart Factories 4.0 will integrate several technological advancements: Create smart products, machines and define suitable processess | Shorten the demand-response time, speed up product launch | Apply lean manufacturing processes, internal organization thart allows innovation | Faster, more efficient production processes, better managed resources, smart grids and smart systems’ control, automatization | Increase overall level of digitalization and robotization | Real time data analysis; capturing, transmitting and processing large amounts of data | Produce and sell products/solutions with higher added value | To successfully cope with the development and market challenges and to increase competitiveness on the market the Competence Development Center – Factories of the Future 2017-2019 acts as the accelerator and proposes the HR competence development model, business integration and internal training programmes.


The Competence Development Hub – Factories of the Future 2017-2019 and multilayer knowledge diffusion will bring the Slovenian economy to a higher level (VI) – with a wide range of competences and related training, the participants will be able to develop and gain valuable experience in various fields.

The project is carried out by a consortium of partners and coordinated by Steklarna Hrastnik. Funds have been obtained from the European Social Fund, Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal opportunities and the Slovene Human Resources Development and Scholarship Fund. More information at: