Strategic Pan-European Ballistics Intelligence Platform for Combating Organized Crime and Terrorism




01.11.2008 - 30.04.2011


Mariano Cecowski

The threat from organised crime and terrorism can undermine the democratic and economic basis of societies through the diversion of investment into crime, money laundering and corruption by international cartels, organised gang culture and corruption. The result is often a weakening of institutions, an undermined economy and a loss of confidence in the rule of law. This project will undertake research to create and develop secure interoperable situation awareness platform for the EU to combat organised crime and terrorism.

Targeted Objectives of ODYSSEY:

  • Create European Standard Secure Interoperable Platform
  • Ability to transfer and/or access technical data
  • Ability to undertake data-mining and knowledge extraction
  • Ability to exploit automated and semiautomated processing and analysis of data
  • New and improved methods for the detection of micro and nano forensic information
  • The ability for EU Member States to manage security, access and reporting in cost effective ways
  • Enhance mutual co-operation, security and sustainability across the EU
  • Business and financial aspect Demonstrate the potential for huge cost savings
  • High level European security cooperation