Transparent design of optimal underground connections for smart cities using artificial intelligence technologies




06.12.2018 - 05.12.2020


Flavio Fuart


1.428.286,00 EUR


499.900,08 EUR

The goal of the project is to develop an advanced service for designing underground transport links in urban environments. The main foci are on transparency and parameterisation of the underground transport links design. Transparency is achieved with the inclusion of all the stakeholders in the process through a common user-interface: experts in civil engineering, urban and architectural professions, environmental protection / environmental experts, sociologists, legislative bodies, municipal or regional committees, representatives of the affected persons with spatial planning and other civil initiatives. This enables complete collaboration and clear argumentation over the final selected solution. Collaboration is closely connected with the need to parametrise the design. Namely, collaboration requires complete digitisation of the process. This means we will develop a common information model that will combine their requirements, limitations and suggestions into comprehensive requirements and database management system.

Using such advanced requirements and collaboration model, we will be able to efficiently explore the problem space and thus guarantee the best possible solution, compromise, given the set of requirements and constraints. At the same time, the use of advanced technologies in the design and modelling of new transport routes will optimize interventions, save time and cost, and thus directly affect the preservation of high quality of living in the environments where these interventions will occur.

XLAB’s role

XLAB’s main role is R&D activities in digitisation and integration of the tools that are needed for high-quality exploration of the possible solution space, given the set of requirements. The project is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. More information on the European cohesion program in Slovenia is available here: