Device Monitor wins the IPACSO Privacy & Security Award

22. december 2014 - Avtor XLAB

22. december 2014
Avtor XLAB

As the Cyber Bad Guy Gets Smarter …

Switching between devices and platforms, migrating data and constant access to the corporate network is what makes the mobile users more susceptible to botnet attacks, according to McAfee reports. By seeking out the security vulnerabilities the cybercriminals hijack resources for their profit.


… Our Defence Gets Stronger

Well aware of the fact that we need to do more to fight the increasing threat of botnets, XLAB’s project group developed a solution that detects malicious attempts on your Android – the Device Monitor. Its ultimate goal is for enterprise and end users to be able to carry out work without the risk of corporate or personal data leakage.

Device Monitor actively monitors all external communication and alerts the user about hazardous applications with privilege that could leak private data, fake ID exploits, SMS hijacks etc.

In October 2014, Device Monitor received the IPACSO Award for the most Innovative Cyber Security Product. The awards are the brainchild of the IPACSO research project, supported by the European Commission and leaders in security (LSEC, McAfee, Vasco etc.).


Staying Ahead

In the game between attackers and defenders, the attackers easily learn what preventive defenses are deployed and work to evade them. To keep up to date and identify additional malware, Device Monitor uses advanced detection methods developed in-house and searches the knowledge base of malicious applications via external sources, including Central-Clearing-House – used within the EU-supported ACDC project.

ACDC aims to continue operating as a self-sustained Centre, as the largest European source of data acquired through operators and end-users and a full set of solutions targeted both to help operators and end-users detect, mitigate and recover from botnet attacks.


The Device Monitor application is available on Google Play: xlab.devicemonitor

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