Herding clouds. Is that even possible?

24. april 2019 - Avtor Katja Terglav

24. april 2019
Avtor Katja Terglav

Who’s crazy enough to try something like this? Herding clouds… Hmm, is this similar to herding cats? That’s impossible! Have you ever tried to get a group of cats to do something in sync? Well, our XLAB Steampunks seem to have the courage to handle cats. But are they smart enough to handle clouds?

It all started in 2016 when Red Hat approached us to collaborate on ManageIQ providers. ManageIQ is the open-source project for Red Hat CloudForms, a management tool for virtual and private cloud infrastructure. Since then our partnership got significantly stronger. XLAB Steampunk’s role in Red Hat’s products CloudForms and Ansible Automation is to enable unified management and automation of hybrid infrastructure.

Sounds a bit complicated? It definitely is, but our team makes things easy for end users. They began with an integration of VMware vCloud Director provider into ManageIQ and continued with implementation of Amazon EC2 and S3 extensions. XLAB Steampunks also integrated Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform provider. All this allows single pane of glass for various compute, storage and networking through Red Hat CloudForms.

With World Wide Technology they are building a bare metal provisioning solution and maintaining Redfish provider in ManageIQ. The solution will revolutionize the management of data centers: every single piece of a data center will be controlled by software.

To get a better view into what XLAB Steampunk really does and how excellent they are at herding clouds, read their posts on XLAB Steampunk blog. Or visit their website steampunk.si. If you’ll be at Red Hat Summit, get in touch. They will happily meet with you and give you some XLAB Steampunk swag ;)

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