Meet XLAB superheroes

7. januar 2021 - Avtor Jasna Simončič

7. januar 2021
Avtor Jasna Simončič

XLAB coloring book.

XLAB coloring book.

xFamily isn’t just our coworkers, but our families, too. We’re always looking for ways of showing that, so we decided to surprise our little ones with a special coloring book, containing XLAB superheroes!

Because we believe in the importance of creativity, we decided to present what we do and who we are with the help of fun characters. And to boost creativity in the young ones, we presented them in a coloring book, so they can let their imagination run wild.

As Ms. Open says, sharing things with friends is important. So, here’s the coloring book for you to print out and offer your kids some creative challenges. Or use it yourself as a stress therapy 😉

And if you are in the sharing mood yourself, share the finished drawings or the coloring process with us! We’ll be happy to see the creations and how you’ll breathe life into our heroes. And of course, what superheroes your kids see themselves as! You can share the drawings on our social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), tag or PM us.

And most importantly, have fun! 😊