MIKELANGELO at OpenStack Summit 2016

26. oktober 2016 - Avtor XLAB

26. oktober 2016
Avtor XLAB

The agile cloud and HPC technologies designed within MIKELANGELO project will be presented at the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona, October 26.

The session HPC, Unikernels and OpenStack will be led by project and technical coordinators, Daniel Vladušič PhD, and Gregor Berginc from XLAB, focusing on their unikernel approach for fast and secure workloads. Unikernels (small, fast, secure virtual machines) are used in MIKELANGELO, to gain efficiency. More specifically, OSv, a versatile, POSIX compliant, cloud focused unikernel is used. The session will set the context to the use of unikernels, explain pros and cons from the perspective of HPC, how unikernels are implemented to support integration with OpenStack and also best practices of using OSv e.g. within UniK, the most recent addition to the Unikernel ecosystem.

The technologies designed within MIKELANGELO are being upstreamed to OSv and KVM and other open source projects as they allow for the highest level of collaboration and innovation across multiple cloud infrastructures, which proves to be the case in MIKELANGELO, successfully bringing HPC cloud and big data technologies under one umbrella.

Tweet: Join the #openstacksummit session on #HPC #unikernels #OSv at Centre de Convencions, Oct 26th https://goo.gl/5MeH4N  @dvladar @gberginc

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