Monitoring and reporting malicious events on your Android device

22. september 2014 - Avtor XLAB

22. september 2014
Avtor XLAB

The cyber threat of botnets is of great concern due to the way and intensity it is spreading, using countless hijacked resources to realize cyber-attacks.

Similar techniques that apply on personal computers and existing malware infrastructure can be reused on mobile since the vast majority of the C&C communications are HTTPS-based.




The Device Monitor application, designed by XLAB, provides more mobile network security by monitoring and reporting malicious events on your Android device.

The main features of the app are detecting master-keyand Fake ID exploits, SMS hijacks, visiting malicious URLs and warning users on applications with privilege that could leak private data. Detection is also done by searching the knowledgebase of malicious applications via Central-Clearing-House – used within the ACDC project.

In the next few months, Device Monitor will be deployed more widely within the ACDC infrastructure and become available via National Support Centers and ACDC’s Community Portal.


ACDC - the Advanced Cyber Defence Centre – is operating since February 2013 as an EU CIP funded pilot project and involves 28 partners from 14 countries for a duration of 30 months until July 2015.

Beyond July 2015, ACDC aims to continue operating as a self-sustained Centre, building on its value as delivering the largest European source of data acquired through operators and end-users and a full set of solutions targeted both to help operators and end-users detect, mitigate and recover from botnet attacks.


The official release of and more information on the Device Monitor mobile app will be presented at the Internet Security Days ISD 2014, September 24th, in Bruehl, Germany.


Device Monitor is available on Google Play:



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