Put your values at the heart of it all

19. december 2019 - Avtor Jasna Simončič

19. december 2019
Avtor Jasna Simončič

It’s not about what you do, it’s who you are. Expertise and knowledge are only one part of the winning combination and not nearly enough for success. What truly lies at the core of every company is its values. At least it should. It’s what everything evolves from, grows from, fuels from. It’s where everyone gets inspired and passionate from.


And passionate people move mountains. All they need is a spark …

…. And the matches are in your hands. Passionate people don’t just work harder, they simply work smarter. But a company without values and purpose cannot give its people the spark they need to fulfill their potential. If people aren’t motivated, they can’t truly collaborate, and if they can’t collaborate, they will never go where they could. But when they believe in what they do and share the same values, they’re inspired. To really make magnificent things happen, people have to feel connected to the values. That’s what sparks up deep eagerness and devotion.


You truly believe it if you live it

Being at the top of the game means constantly innovating, being ahead of all the changes, and simultaneously staying true to what you believe in. Letting your values guide you through and beyond. Not just believe, but truly live them.

For XLAB, our values are a constant in this ever-changing and forward going environment.

For XLAB, our values are a constant in this ever-changing and forward going environment.


Live what you preach

We know together - we can do anything, so we incorporate teamwork on as many levels as possible: from solving everyday challenges to our special xChallenges, fun events that tie us closer to our brand and to one another. Because we’re proud of the way we do things around here and because annual XLAB T-shirts are something that shows the world who we are, we decided to create the motive for it together. We asked our coworkers to share ideas and we chose the one we liked the most together.

The challenge confirmed what we already knew: that our team is full of ideas and smells like team spirit. But what really blew us away was this. The instructions they’ve got were really broad: to come up with a fun and IT motive, embodying XLAB. But a lot of ideas revolved around our values!

The winning motive didn’t just try to capture our values, it literally had them written out. So you see, they really are the glue holding everything together.

XLAB's 2020 T-shirt motive

The winning motive of XLAB’s 2020 T-shirt. Like it?

We got an amazing design that shows both - our IT side and our values. We’ll wear it proudly on our chest for the world to see. But not to show off. We want the world to feel the importance of values.

So our modest new years wish to us all is: Take control and enter 2020 with a mission to put values at the heart of it all.

Happy holidays!