xHPA, xAnalytics and xSpecificAnalitycs

2. april 2014 - Avtor XLAB

2. april 2014
Avtor XLAB


Gain insight. Make data-driven decisions.
The overall objective of internal Xlab research projects xHPA, xAnalytics and xSpecificAnalitycs, started in 2014, is to build an integrated platform for High-Performance Analytics.
Projects started in 2014 and are funded by the Ministry of economic development and technology of Slovenia, following the KROP tender.



Internal research project; its aim is to build a dynamic framework for execution of complex computational tasks in public or private clouds. It will enable small and medium-sized enterprises access to high-performance analytics (HPA), which was until now only available to companies with high-performance computer hardware.


xAnalytics (xStatistics, xNeuron, xVisual)

Internal R&D project; its aim is to build a set of software packages that support high-performance analytics. The xStatistics and xNeuron modules offer solutions to Big Data challenges and will support execution in the cloud or on HPC hardware. The xStatistics module will contain conventional analytical methods and integration with standard analytics tools (Matlab or R). On the other hand, the xNeuron module will be based on neural networks for use cases where standard analytic methods fail or where it is difficult to predict and interpret the solution. Data visualization and graphical analysis preview will also be offered as part of xVisual module.


xSpecificAnalytics (xSmartGrids, xEconomics)

Internal R&D project; the first, xSmartGrids, will allow analysis of electrical networks to improve electric power distribution. Second, xEconomics, will be used for market analysis and sales forecasting.



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