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30. marec 2016 - Avtor XLAB

30. marec 2016
Avtor XLAB

Providing open IoT platforms and linking up SMEs

XLAB is now a member of AIOTI, the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation, launched by the DG Connect team and various key IoT players. By joining AIOTI, service providers, SMEs and startups offering IoT solutions are given the opportunity to interact and network, creating a dynamic European IoT ecosystem.

The AIOTI members, industries and business sectors, contribute in the shaping of the EU policy-making on IoT and also play an essential role in designing of IoT Large Scale Pilots, which will be funded by the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.

Concerning the technical chapter, XLAB Research deploys infrastructures with modular architectures, increasing the interoperability of IoT, configuring an adaptable privacy and security framework, addressing legal issues. XLAB will be actively involved in the following areas and AIOTI working groups:

bullet smart cities (energy, waste management, traffic congestion, pollution),

bullet smart mobility,

bullet smart manufacturing,

bullet smart living environments (e.g. smart home),

bullet wearables (well-being and healthcare).


The most recent IoT-related projects XLAB participates in, are INTER-IoT (Interoperability of heterogeneous IoT platforms) and MANTIS.

INTER-IoT leverages the existing and integrates different IoT platforms, devices, networks, services and applications for different scenarios (Smart grid, e-Health, Smart factories, Transport & Logistics) and is part of the IoT European Platforms Initiative.

MANTIS (Cyber Physical System based Proactive Collaborative Maintenance) will allow estimates of future performance, predict and prevent failures and schedule proactive maintenance. A consortium consists of more than 40 partners from industry and academia, following ECSEL Joint Undertaking call – framework that fosters research in smart systems and cyber-physical systems integration in Europe.

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