#XLAB20years: What makes us XLAB

14. april 2021 - Avtor Jasna Simončič

14. april 2021
Avtor Jasna Simončič

It’s not just our products, solutions, research projects. It’s about the energy that goes into them. It’s about the relationships we build with each other and our partners. It’s a cup of coffee we share with our coworkers, it’s the laughter filling up our offices, it’s the teamwork that brings us to better results faster. It’s being inspired, dedicated, and genuine. It’s the fun we have in the process and the expertise we craft and deepen each day.


We put values at the heart of it all

Our values guide us through and beyond. They’re what everything evolves from, grows from, fuels from. Where everyone gets inspired and passionate from. And passionate people move mountains. We believe in the power of our team. Thinking outside the box simply doesn’t cut it. We always reach for greatness. And when it comes to collaboration, integrity is our way.


We know together - we can do anything

Teamwork and open collaboration lead to profoundly better results. Solving problems together by sharing knowledge, ideas, and building upon them leads to reaching goals faster and going beyond them. It’s all about working together, growing together, making a difference together, creating better technology – and world – together.

Team spirit shines through our traditional activities such as yearly photoshoots. We make an effort to take a group photo every year. Well, it’s not really a big effort, to be honest, since it’s really fun. Although it’s a bit challenging as the team gets bigger each year. But again, that’s also really fun. The more the merrier 😊


We dare to care

We incorporate teamwork on as many levels as possible: from solving everyday challenges to our special xChallenges, fun events that tie us closer to our brand and each another. So far, among others, we’ve created a wall of compliments, solved special puzzles, went on a bike ride, made piles of pancakes with innovative spreads, worked out together in the office, carried out remote photoshooting and work outs, and thrown a really special xChallenge for our 18th birthday. Our passage into adulthood was marked by a big celebration, full of interesting presentations, fun music, and of course - giant magenta cake ;)


We’re dedicated to excellence

In the past two decades, our efforts have been acknowledged on various occasions. From

🏆 national recognitions, such as: Golden Award for Best Innovations, Excellent SME Slovenia Award, Exporter of the Year Title, award for outstanding entrepreneurial achievements, or the distinguished Silver Gazela Award for the fastest growing company in Slovenia;

to the

🏆 international awards, such as: The Outstanding Emergency Services Innovation Award, NASA World Wind Europa Challenge Award, and EuroCloud Europe Award,

to the last, but definitely not least:

🏆 the acknowledgements of the positive working environment we create as we have been nominated among best employers in the Zlata nit competition six times, and we also received the Zlata nit Award for our unique organizational culture.

See the full list of awards and recognitions.


We dare to be bold and funky

It’s important to be proud of who we are. But once a year we love to take up the challenge of becoming someone else for a day. And then return to shining as our true selves. Every year we organize a special masquerade xChallenge, where we let our fun side run wild.


And we know how to have fun

We know being professional and having fun isn’t mutually exclusive. We’re strong advocates of the work hard play hard philosophy 😉


2021 was a special year for us. XLAB celebrated its 20th anniversary. A lot has changed since 2001. Take a trip down memory lane with us here.