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17. oktober 2014 - Avtor XLAB

17. oktober 2014
Avtor XLAB


As the nautical season draws to an end, the boat owners are commonly faced with problems during the quiet period in the marina – discharged batteries, water leak or even unwanted intruders. The loss and damage that could easily be minimized or even entirely avoided with the aid of a vessel control module – Sentinel.

This simple yet sophisticated marine solution, released in August, was designed with one goal in mind – to provide more security to boat owners. 
Comprised of a network of sensors and central information hub (communicating via the cloud) it ensures that the vessel is monitored at all times – even when not onboard. When an issue is detected (sudden temperature rise, intrusion, bilge alarms, anchoring) the boat owner immediately receives a specific alert via the mobile (iOS, Android) or web application. From water detection to preventing batteries losing charge, Sentinel has you covered 24/7 – wherever you may be.

Sentinel is presenting at the International Exhibition of Nautical Equipment on Croatian Coastline Pula Boat Fair, 15th- 17th October 2014. Welcome to the Sentinel booth!





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