Application Modernization

Seize the power of the cloud

Transform your legacy applications into agile cloud native apps to boost performance. Rapidly launch new products, release new features, and deploy new technologies.


Reduce IT complexity and manage applications on a secure, flexible and reliable hybrid cloud. We help you understand your IT environment, identify cost and performance optimization opportunities, and determine the best migration strategy for your business to get the most out of your move to Microsoft Azure.

XLAB solutions Application Modernization Assessment

Asses your cloud readiness

Get to know your IT infrastructure to ensure a successful Azure migration. In 6 weeks, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your IT environment and identify costs, benefits and return on investment. Our experienced Azure cloud specialists, solution architects and software developers review your applications and databases to understand the underlying cloud readiness.

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XLAB solutions Application Modernization Migration Plan

Determine the best migration strategy

Shape your cloud journey around your unique needs and goals to fully leverage cloud technologies. We provide you with a comprehensive roadmap for your optimal migration to the cloud and help you determine the best migration strategy for each application to really seize all Azure has to offer in terms of speed, security, and agility.

XLAB solutions Application Modernization Cloud Migration

Move to the cloud

Get ahead and build better software faster by going cloud native. Enrich your applications with the latest cloud and security technology. We help you break down your outdated, costly, and time-consuming legacy applications and rebuild them in the cloud or build new ones from scratch to help you fully utilize cloud benefits.

XLAB solutions Application Modernization Trainings

Upskill your experts

Moving to cloud is just the beginning of your journey. To maximize your investment in the cloud and seize all its benefits, your professionals need appropriate knowledge to use cloud services to your advantage and help you thrive. We conduct immersion workshops that equip your teams with the skills to fully exploit Azure technologies confidently on their own.

Modernize your applications to ignite growth and outperform competition.

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