XLAB Orchestrator

API development





Matija Cankar

The Gaia-X initiative aims to create a new generation of federated and secure data infrastructure based on the values of openness, transparency and trust. It brings together representatives from business, politics and science with the goal of creating innovations through digital sovereignty. Gaia-X establishes a trusted ecosystem that connects many cloud services providers and users by defining technical requirements and services that form a federation of Gaia-X services.

One of the cornerstones of the Gaia-X Federation Services is the orchestration portal, which automates the application delivery to a specific cloud provider on behalf of a user. The vision is that users will be able to select services from the catalogue of service providers through the Gaia-X portal and then instantiate them through the Gaia-X Life Cycle Management Engine, which will select an appropriate Life Cycle Management Service (e.g. TOSCA orchestrator, Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes and others) to deploy applications and services.

XLAB’s role is to use its orchestrator development skills to provide an initial concept for Gaia-X orchestrator by defining the API for:

  • Gaia-X Life Cycle Management Engine; component managing all deployment and delivery projects.
  • Life Cycle Management Services; a particular orchestration service, processing an Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) instructions.
  • Service providers catalogue; a library of service Self-descriptions and IaC.

This is an open-source project where XLAB’s contributions will set the ground for the Gaia-X orchestration services solution, which will be implemented in the future phases of the project.