Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Make the next big leap with AI

Derive meaning from your data to enhance performance, mitigate risks, and strengthen security. Streamline decision-making, take intelligent actions, and predict future events.


Turn manual processes into smart operations with our machine learning solutions and tailor-made artificial intelligence. We help you overcome complexity of large-scale data, ensure reliable data flow and efficient access to information, and take care of the entire data lifecycle – from managing and analyzing data to visualizing results and setting up the entire solution in the cloud.

XLAB solutions AI Machine Learning Log Monitoring

Enhance IT processes with intelligence

Gain complete oversight of your IT infrastructure through advanced AI-powered log monitoring. Understand trends in your IT environment to optimize use of resources. Monitor what’s happening in real-time to detect vulnerabilities and react to issues instantly. Get ahead of performance issues, spot complex anomalies, boost performance, guarantee high uptime, and enhance security with our highly customizable log monitoring solution, offering unified view across the ecosystem.

XLAB solutions AI Machine Learning Computer Vision'

Extract meaning from your visual data

Go beyond what the human eye can see. Use the power of computer vision to extract valuable information from visual imagery. With our easy-to-adapt AI-based solutions for visual anomaly detection, object detection and counting, and optimized large-scale infrastructure management, you can observe more, interpret better, and act faster.

XLAB solutions AI Machine Learning Data Processing

Get instant insights from fast-moving live data

Analyze live data from multiple sources simultaneously to spot issues and respond to events the moment they happen - or even before. Discover patterns, predict future events, mitigate risk, and measure impact. Powerful stream data processing solutions provide highly accurate trend analysis and predictions, giving you instant analytics for evidence-based decision making.

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