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Industrial Automation


Dragan Radolović

Industrial Automation for Messer Cutting Systems

Connectivity, intelligence, and automation are becoming the key requirements and critical challenges for industrial manufacturers around the globe, including Messer Cutting Systems. With the need for remote configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of machines they are responsible for, manufacturers are creating a huge demand for intelligent industrial IoT solutions. Such solutions decrease the need to visit customer sites, drastically reduce maintenance costs, save travel time, and improve the overall effectiveness of the equipment.

XLAB developed an intelligent system for automated and remote management of Messer Cutting Systems cutting machines at their customers’ production sites all over the globe. This system:

  • Enables round-the-clock and secure monitoring of all customers’ deployments;
  • Manages specific machine configurations for each customer separately;
  • Handles management of over-the-air updates and new software versions;
  • Supports various diagnostic functionalities and remote maintenance.


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“The environment in which we build IoT infrastructure is technically very challenging, so we were looking for a savvy partner with a deep understanding of what hardware, software, and the interplay of both is. What XLAB is producing is crucial for enabling the whole system. What I really like about XLAB is the fact that there is such a large quantity of knowledge fused in their team.

Roger Kilian-Kehr, Chief Data Officer at Messer Cutting Systems and Managing Director of MesserSoft


With this solution that provides connectivity and intelligence to once isolated systems, XLAB helps Messer Cutting Systems achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in management of a wide network of industrial control systems. This ensures high availability, proper functioning, and longevity of Messer Cutting Systems cutting machines, thereby maximising business value and reducing unnecessary costs for both, Messer Cutting Systems and their customers.