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Take control of your hybrid infrastructure and simplify orchestration of the entire lifecycle of modern cloud-native applications with our scalable enterprise automation solutions, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality. As leading Ansible experts, we help you achieve trustworthy, transparent and secure automation you can trust.

XLAB solutions IT Automation Management Ansible Integrations'

Automate your IT products

As an Independent Software Vendor, offer your users a reliable way of automating your products with high quality, fully tested and certified Ansible Collections, complying with Red Hat’s quality requirements. Our Ansible specialists design, develop, and maintain Ansible Collections, while also offering ongoing support. Increase the value of your products with Ansible integrations without developing your own Ansible practice.

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XLAB solutions IT Automation Management deployment

Automate your IT processes

Tame your dynamic IT environment, transform your processes into automated workflows, enhance security, shorten application development cycles, and free up your teams to focus on strategic tasks. We help you on your automation journey by consulting, deploying, and offering support using Ansible, and conducting workshops to skill up your experts to confidently use Ansible on their own.

Modernize with automation
XLAB solutions IT Automation Management quality assurance

Achieve trustable automation

Reduce risk, speed up, and simplify your automation. Our Ansible Playbook Platform analyses your playbooks, provides recommendations on how to improve them to avoid unwanted results, and helps you understand what happens when you run them to identify potential issues before they are executed. Get guidance through automation deployment to achieve reliable and secure execution of automation.

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XLAB solutions IT Automation Management Orchestration

Simplify application lifecycle management

Take cloud automation to a new level and coordinate multiple automated tasks into synchronized end-to-end processes. With our orchestration solutions, you can streamline your deployment process, reduce the human factor, accelerate the preparation of deployment scripts and deliver cloud-based applications and services in a unified, efficient, and cost-effective cloud environment.

Streamline cloud processes
XLAB solutions IT Automation Management ManageIQ Integrations

Help your users take control of hybrid infrastructure

Provide your users with comprehensive visibility and control across hybrid infrastructures with a high-quality ManageIQ integration and gain a competitive edge in return. Integrating your product with ManageIQ, a powerful enterprise management tool, helps organizations deploy, manage, automate, and optimize IT infrastructures through single-pane-of-glass management.

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