Mojo Platform by Metify Inc.

Management and automation of Edges, Cores, and Data Centers





Matej Artač

Mojo Platform is an award-winning Infrastructure and Operations tool, transforming Bare Metal resources into a public cloud-like experience, making once tedious tasks a thing of the past by automating them. As a foundational partner of Metify Inc, XLAB has been leveraging expertise to provide full SDLC services for Mojo Platform, including Requirements gathering, Design & prototyping, Coding, Testing, Maintenance & Deployment:

  • writing SOW & planning development sprints,
  • developing full stack of components: back-end, database storage, business logic, RESTful API, web GUI,
  • designing web GUI,
  • integrating third-party vendors’ Out-of-Band programming interfaces for discovery, inventory, management of bare metal nodes (DMTF Redfish, Intel vPro, etc.),
  • developing Ansible playbooks:
    - for installing and updating Mojo appliances,
    - for deploying and configuring platforms such as OpenShift,
  • helping handle network configuration and firewalls.


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“XLAB is a foundational partner of Metify Inc. Their software development lifecycle process leverages Agile methods and uses the CI/CD vendor of your choice. XLAB brings years of experience in IT management and automation to provide push button implementations within Mojo Platform’s service catalog.”

Michael Wagner, CEO, Metify


Beyond provisioning and automation of the base hardware, the true potential of Mojo is unlocked with software platforms that run on top of bare metal. Mojo Platform is certified to work with the leading virtualization and containerization technologies (VMware, OpenShift, Rancher, Anthos, etc.). XLAB harnesses years of experience working with these products and systems to package complex and challenging processes into service catalog templates, transforming a set of pure Bare Metal servers into a working software platform with just a click of a button.