XLAB Orchestrator

IT Orchestration Tool




Connect building blocks into a greater whole

XLAB Orchestrator is a lightweight, open source, platform-agnostic orchestration tool, enabling a full application lifecycle management. It is powered by Ansible, a highly popular and versatile IT configuration management tool. While Ansible shines when you need to install and configure individual nodes, XLAB Orchestrator takes care of the bigger picture that makes up a full system.

With XLAB Orchestrator, application designers, developers and Ops engineers can deploy and manage anything that can be automated, including cloud applications, Big Data platforms, bare metal provisioning, serverless-computing or microservice-based applications and more.


  • easy to pick up and use,
  • open source and based on open standard,
  • consumes OASIS Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) YAML version 1.3 service templates,
  • enables a complete application lifecycle management:
    • initial deployment of the system (i.e., Day 1 operations),
    • changing, reconfiguring, scaling and upgrading the system (i.e., Day 2+ operations),
    • complete tear-down of the system.


  • Takes Ansible playbooks to the next level.
  • Handles the state of the entire system.
  • Allows reuse of your existing Ansible playbooks.
  • Embodies the Infrastructure-as-Code paradigm.
  • Powers your service testing, staging and continuous deployment.

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